The CERAMIKAMEL studio is the garage of a family house converted into a ceramic studio. A small lathe and a small oven for the production of pottery-ceramics in glazed earthenware.

The Workshop / Garage CERAMIKAMEL is located in the Pyrenées Orientales, in Occitanie (South-West of France) it allows me to implement a small artisanal production of ceramic production. I work with earthenware because my oven is very small and it does not heat up very strongly ... This may change along the way ... I like to think that my creations are like good old rock. I infuse my pieces with all my heart, my rage, my energy, my poetry. I am inspired by the wabi-sabi current which could be defined as:

"the beauty of imperfect , impermanent and incomplete things . Beauty of modest and humble things . Beauty of atypical things" ...

Email: Stubborn and monomaniac autodidact. After many missed appointments, an extracurricular career at the Beaux Arts in Perpignan, more than ten years as a freelance graphic designer, a career strewn with pitfalls in the show and events and a failure in a preparation school for the CAP de Potier Ceramist I am embarking on an artisanal production of ceramic pottery in my garage. I also continue to train myself in the techniques of fire arts with several confirmed ceramists.

Welcome to the CERAMIKAMEL workshop , my caravan, my chaos & my daily meditation ...
CERAMIKAMEL is a 180 ° turn: a hyperactive autodidact and the garage of a family house converted into a ceramic studio. A small whell,  a small oven and Mél who devotes himself to his wabi-sabi passion for the production of unique pieces and small series of artisanal pottery-ceramics.